1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum

1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum in British Virgin Islands

The 1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works was built by the McCleverty slaves. Sugar was produced here until the 1940s. During the 19th century its Timber frame became what is believed to have been the first Virgin Islands Guest House. 1900: By now the Government had acquired the Works, added a one storey building in front of the Magazine, and installed the machines for a Cotton Factory. the Agriculture Department managed the Complex, supervised the sugar production and the ginning and pressing of cotton. In 1904: 1,250lbs of cotton was pressed and 5,200 in 1912. Lime juice was also produced here: 252 barrels in 1908 and 800 in 1912. Today it now houses a Museum; be sure to stop by and check out examples of how life used to be. In addition, there are also monthly art exhibitions at museum. Opening Hours are: Monday - Friday from 9am - 3pm The Department of Culture's Museums of the Virgin Islands brochure.

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